HAPPINESS for 2017?!

As 2017 rings in the new year, many are setting their new year affirmations and resolutions. Plenty of gym memberships, budgeting apps and activity planners are being tended to with vigor. Goals are being laid out to change what we want to improve, or perhaps to attend to work we’ve already done and want to maintain our results. 

Some goals to consider are mindful practices and social engagement in happiness. 

Yes, planned social engagements of happiness!

In the U.S., people are affected at a higher rate by anxiety as they are by headache or migraine (13%). In the US 18% of the population is affected by an anxiety related mental health disorder. Anxiety is developed through complex combination of risks in the biology, brain, personality and environment of a person. Anxiety increases doctor visits and increases the likelihood of being hospitalized for mental health issues. Mindful practices with a therapist can help decrease or eliminate these risks and issues. 

We can all agree the increase in mindfulness and mindful practice have become great resources for those experiencing anxiety, trauma, stress, or simply wanting to increase awareness. Mindful practices increase awareness so we can become aware of positive experience opportunities in our lives. Recognizing these positive experiences provide protective factors against the potentially negative effects of the chaos of modern societal pressures. Mindfulness powerfully concentrates our attention toward our focus and aspirations. Mindfulness increases happiness! Mindfulness is an individual self centered practice. While self is paramount important, this might be a great time to expand your practice of self awareness recognizing joy to others. 

So, about those “planned social engagements of happiness” I suggested in your resolutions? Well, happiness for an individual is known to be happiness for many when it is shared! Sharing experiences of joy and happiness exponentially increases positive effects for all those involved.  I’d like to invite you all to increase your happiness and share it! Intentionally share positive feelings with others. Share experiences of joy to increase the overall contentment and calm for your communities. From the community of family, to the community of work, and geographical communities. After 2016, we could all stand to be a part of increasing the overall well-being and contentment of all people with happiness.

**And if you have migraine, please call and let’s talk about EMDR Treatments for Headache and Migraine! Migraines can resolve in a single session!*

Joy to you all in 2017!

Gina MK Kramer