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Gina MK Kramer, MCJ, MSW

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I moved to Durango in 2000, to be closer to my family here. I worked in community corrections, and with domestic violence services in the Four Corners until 2003, when I started my own family. I left the field entirely to enjoy those precious young years with my child. Now, I am blessed with a curious, adventurous teenager and her adventurous, super supportive Dad. We enjoy gardening, motorcycle travel, and our pack of dogs. We explore near and far destinations in a variety of modes, camping, hiking and the hotel route.
I graduated from the University of Denver, Four Corners, Graduate School of Social Work in Durango in 2012. I was able to begin private practice work in 2013. My career having begun as a paralegal in Denver in the mid 90’s, led to a Masters in Criminal Justice & Criminology for Public Administration from the University of Colorado. I began working in community corrections in the Denver and Colorado Springs communities. My mentor and I launched a department providing psychological and needs assessments for people in the judicial system. These assessments developed programing aimed toward matching services to an individual’s needs. Our goal was to provide meaningful successful transition opportunities into the community. I have always been deeply inspired by the people I have met in my work. Each step in my career bringing me closer to providing individual services. I am happy to have arrived in private practice.
The most rewarding work I remember has been with people whose lives have been touched by domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and families suffering from traumatic violent events. Working with the complexities of trauma recovery has enlightened me personally and professionally. I have been fortunate to witness people regain and develop their power to choose their next steps despite tremendous circumstances. I believe we should all be free to let our footsteps fall where we wish, it is our own personal path.
My approach is empowerment focused, guiding toward the discovery of innate gifts each person possesses. Healing and recovering from disorder is possible! Theoretically, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) approaches, Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) approaches, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and other techniques to regulate the nervous system and address trauma, anxiety, grief & loss, depression, and dissociative experiences. I work best with adults (18+), those looking to retire, and couples wanting to work toward regaining connection and effective communication.
I believe people can be in touch with their past histories, engaged in a healthy curiosity for their futures. I believe in firmly planting seed in the ‘here and now’ for wherever we are growing.

Gina MK Kramer, MCJ, MSW
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